What is HippieCholo ARTE?

The HippieCholo ARTE movement is basically the crossing and combination of two lifestyles within our American Cultures.  It is the alternative identity of ME.  It's the "HIPPIE" free thinker and the "CHOLO" Chicano style influence from lifelong barrio (neighborhood) living.  For ME, both lifestyles co-existed, exist and BOTH lifestyles have positive and negative associated attributes.  If they were perfect, it wouldn't be me if it flawless.

"It's A Way of Life"

Just be yourself, everyone's been taken.

Next from HippieCholo ARTE?

Various projects and paintings in production along side my mural art work.  Staying active within the NorCal Art community scene exhibiting at shows or even taking up a slot in some type of vendor booth action.

Mission of HippieCholo ARTE?

Designs AND Paintings are always in production and exhibited for purchase at The WKi2 Studio Gallery or on-line, working through PinkStreet Art and Esty.

Artistic works will have an expression/meaning, an opinion to make us smile, make us grumpy, represent some pride or maybe whatever is happening at the time.  All artistic works will shall connect and relate to various subjects within those two lifestyles and communities. 

Where is HippieCholo ARTE based?

Earth, America Norte, U.S.A., Wes Kos Region, California Norte, Sacramento Metropolitan, South Sacramento/Parkway, Little Siagon West, In-between Blvd Stockton Y Franklon - Operating out of East 47th St.   So if you see ME around, don't be shy, throw the piece sign and give a cool vato style heads up.

"There's not enough love in the world."