2004 - "The Ladies"

This one of the first painting of the human bodies I attempted.  I knew I would take some time so if I had to stare at this for awhile I wanted to make sure it was something worth staring at.  For my first attempt.

2010 - "Galvez Roses"

This portrait is for my friend Rose.  These are here grandparents and t
he roses represent their children with cross in between them.  All the roses are connected by their stem.

2012 - "Quirina & Joe Orozco"

This portrait is for my friend Sonia who gave this to Quirina has she is an inspiration to Sonia's world with their friendship and personal physical training, especially when Sonia was going through the process of her mother's earthly departure.

2012 - "Life Reflections" No Hear, No See, No Speak

The UNIVERSAL MESSAGE.  What often breaks us down or puts so much temptation that we just can’t control ourselves are the two symbols in front of us ALWAYS and Lifelong.                                           

The Original Sin & of Our Love of Money

The sadness in NO HEAR is absorbed with the temporary fixes of drugs, wine and liquor.  The headphones plugged into both the serpent and the apple playing mood setting music causing the tear to be swallowed by the serpent.  The hiding behind sun glasses in NO SEE with the focal point on each FOREVER alluring symbol.  With the prize of The American dressed female forever lit, desired and melting right on top of us.  The energy of NO SPEAK with electricity from television media barley balanced on reading books.  A constant visual imagery bombardment of strategically forced products we must have to be worthy, worthy of who, as the cord shapes into a question mark.

"I believe my inspiration began when I came to realize that my son, now a freshman in college, is truly beginning his man-to-be journey.  I think back at the life education I was getting at his age now and know there isn’t pulling the wool over the eyes, there open.  I wonder as his father and as a fellow man, what will be his No Hear, No See, No Speak compromising moments that will be in his “Life Reflections”.